Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud 2021


Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud for 2021 makes anything invisible visible. It has free Endpoint Detection and Response SMBs. This is the security package that goes above and beyond by offering a high level of protection.

  • Includes Threat Prevention For Web, Files, and Mail
  • Ransomware and Exploit Protection
  • Features A Network Attack Blocker
  • Has A Vulnerability Scan
  • Includes Mobile protection
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Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud for 2021 is one solution for all your IT security needs

  • This package gives you all you need to protect Mac OS devices, Windows desktops and file servers, iOS, and Android mobiles and Microsoft Office 365*
  • Users can easily sign up for an account. This saves you from getting tied up in software and hardware provisioning.
  • Each newly connected device will be protected immediately because of the predefined policies that are automatically applied.

* Protection for Microsoft Office is only included in the Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Plus tier.

<strong xmlns="">A single security solution for all your IT security needs</strong>

Be secure anywhere

  • With the Cloud-based console, you can be secure and protected anywhere
  • Offices can now be protected even if they are geographically separated. Whether you’re in the office, at home, or a field-based worker, this can keep your device secure, even on the go.
  • The remote encryption feature ensures that your corporate data is safe even if your device is stolen or lost.
<strong xmlns="">Be anywhere and protect anywhere</strong>

Users can take control of the Cloud

  • Users wasting time on social media and messaging apps and the uncontrolled sharing of corporate data can be revealed with Shadow IT Discovery.
  • Colleagues can be blocked when trying to access unnecessary or unauthorized cloud resources. This feature keeps data secure and everyone can stay focused.
  • It is now safer to collaborate and communicate in Microsoft Office 365. The Protection for all its major apps is included in<strong xmlns="">Take control of the cloud</strong>

Instant Delivery

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Digital Delivery

This product is a digital delivery only, no disc or installation media will be sent in the post.

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