Windows 10 Professional RETAIL Premium Package


  • Product information 32 & 64 Bit Retail Versions Available
  • Premium Package: The Premium Package Includes The Software, Activation, and Premium Installation – Installation is carried out remotely via remote control and you can have a USB on request.
  • Unlimited Access to Unlimited Help-desk Support
  • Warranty Extended 4-Year Warranty
  • Manufacturer: Manufacturer Is Microsoft
  • Status: New license for 1 PC – If you want to multi-buy licenses contact us on the live chat
  • Delivery: Download Is Available Immediately After Purchase – You will receive a license and key.
  • Life time: One Payment Gives You A Lifetime License
  • Language: All languages Are Available
  • Setup: Live Assistance During Setup
  • Guarantee: Every Purchase Is Covered By Our 100% Product Satisfaction Guarantee. If the MS Office Store team can’t activate your purchase you will get your money back.
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Product information: Take a look at the product information for the Windows 10 Professional Retail Premium Package.

The package includes the software, software activation, and premium installation. The installation will be carried out via remote control so we can do everything for you. When you buy the Windows 10 Pro Retail Premium Package from MS Office Store you will also receive an extended 4-year warranty.

This is the new operating system developed by Microsoft specifically for businesses and professional users. It will run on classic devices including PCs and Laptops but this operating system will also run on any compatible tablet. Therefore Microsoft Windows 10 Pro offers functions and operations needed by professional users on every platform.

The Windows 10 Professional operating system offers the best customer support to businesses and experienced users. Just like the predecessors, this version stands out with its modern, user-friendly interface. Windows 10 Pro is compatible with all devices and their properties. This means that it can run smoothly on older computers so it will benefit businesses making the conversion.

Here are some of the new features offered in the Windows 10 Professional operating system

The Windows 10 Professional Retail Premium Package offers its users business functions. These include BitLocker, Domain Join, Group Policy Management, Enterprise Mode for Internet Explorer (EMIE), Remote Desktop, Assigned Access 8.1, and a Hyper-V Client. The Win 10 Pro operating system also includes new universal features and programs:

Cortana: Cortana is a personal assistant that allows an intuitive operation of the system.

Microsoft Edge Internet Browser: This is a new internet browser that has replaced Internet Explorer.

Fingerprint and Face Recognition: This provides a higher level of security but compatible devices must be installed.

Continuum: You can switch to tablet mode which allows more efficient use of touch devices.

Windows Holographic/strong>: This is an application platform that is for the HoloLens data glasses.

All the common programs such as photos and videos, mail, music and a calendar are included. This operating system also offers the new DirectX 12 graphics optimizing program. This version of Windows 10 Pro also allows you to join the Azure Active Directory which is a cloud-based directory and identity management service. After a one-off registration users can have access to numerous Cloud-Saas-applications including Concur, DropBox, and Office 365.

The Windows 10 Pro operating system also has updated functions

As with the Home edition, this version also has a reworked Start Menu. Now the area has tiles that can be set up with a variety of functions. The desktop has also been updated so now you can have multiple virtual desktops for different purposes. Microsoft Windows 10 Professional also offers access to a business store.

Instant Delivery
The products at MS Office Store are digital delivery only. You won’t be sent a disc or installation media in the post.

Digital Delivery

This product is a digital delivery only, no disc or installation media will be sent in the post.

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