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Kaspersky Small Office Security

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With Kaspersky Small Office Security, you can have peace of mind knowing that this software provides a high level of protection. This was designed for small businesses and it is affordable and simple to use.

  • This software includes advanced ransomware protection. It also has a rollback feature which ensures that your computers won’t shut down by mistake.
  • Keep your intellectual property and trade secrets secure with file encryption and backup.
  • Users can pay bills and taxes online securely and confidently with Safe Money
  • Employees can work safely on their personal tablets and smartphones because this software offers Android device protection.
  • Keep your business apps protected from intrusion with the built-in vulnerability scanner.

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Kaspersky Small Office Security provides a high level of protection for businesses with up to 25 users. Windows PCs and Mac, laptops, mobile devices and file servers are all protected 24/7.

Kaspersky Small Office Security is affordable and it is so simple to use that you can install it and forget about it. It will protect against advanced unknown and known threats. This software is fuss-free as you can smoothly integrate this with existing devices. There is an easy-to-manage portal that allows you to monitor all devices. This package includes Safe Money for secure online transactions, System Watcher ransomware protection, file encryption, password manager, mobile device security, and data backup.

This software can be installed for 5 to 25 users

This license is on auto-renewal and it covers:
  • 1 year of protection
  • 5 different computer users
  • 5 password managers are included

If you have bought it and would like to renew then you can do so by clicking the link.

You can have peace of mind that Kaspersky Small Office Security is doing its job while you are doing yours.


This security solution won’t demand your attention so you can focus on your important tasks. Your employees can be kept safe on their devices but it won’t distract them with notifications and messages. Everyone can work uninterrupted.

This software also protects employees

If any employee falls victim to ransomware by clicking a malicious link this software has you covered. When ransomware tries to encrypt a file, a backup copy of the encrypted version is created so it can be restored.



Kaspersky helps you avoid online fraud and scams


This software has extra layers of security to stop thieves from stealing your money. If you want to access baking or shopping websites the Safe Money technology will check that everything is genuine and secure. Once it ensures the site is safe to use, it will open it in a special protected mode but this is for Mac and PC only.

Stop an account takeover

The Password Manager feature secures and stores your valuable files and passwords on all of the devices you use. This only requires one password so it is easy to use. If your password is too weak such as “4567” or if your password has not been changed for a long time then you will be notified.

Kaspersky Small Office Security is easy to use and it will protect your entire business. Here are the features included:

Layers of protection in one package – You will not need any experience to benefit from maximum security. You can protect your business without any fuss.

Convenient web portal
Convenient web portal

Kaspersky web portal – Kaspersky Small Office Security has a portal that you can use to check your license status and expiration date. It will also show you all the devices that are being protected and you can ask for support if needed. You can access that on ksos.kaspersky.com.


Secure Windows File Server
Secure Windows File Server

Windows file server protection – System Watcher will identify and block any malicious activity and it will allow a rollback of any actions. This keeps your Windows file servers safe against crypto lockers and ransomware.


Work safely on mobile devices
Work safely on mobile devices

A list of new updates – The software updater will provide a list of new updates available for installed applications. This makes it easy to delete outdated or unused or outdated system data.


Safe Internet, email and privacy
Safe Internet, email and privacy

Safety and security on mobile devices – If you need to work on the go then you can do so in confidence because of Kaspersky’s mobile security technology. Protection is provided for Android-based smartphones and tablets. There is also a lock, wipe, and location tracker for missing devices.


Safely store and transfer valuable files
Safely store and transfer valuable files

Secure internet and email privacy – This software will protect your device against any attempts to access your business data and it will block malicious sites. It will also filter phishing emails, malicious email attachments and any suspicious downloads. Users can also search and remove unsafe and unwanted browser extensions while offering a “do not track” function which protects your privacy.

Store and transfer any valuable files securely – Protect your important data from fines, brackets and loss with the encryption and backup technology. The data vault will also provide an extra layer of security with password-protected storage.


Security you can trust – and we can prove it
Security you can trust – and we can prove it

Kaspersky offers security you can trust – Kaspersky has a record of success that no other vendor can match. The proof is in their record of success in independent tests. Kaspersky products took part in 88 independent tests and reviews in 2019. Their products won 73 firsts and achieved 77 top-three finishes.

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