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Amazon Integrates Social Shopping Features: Ask Friends for Product Feedback

Amazon is revolutionizing the online shopping experience by introducing a new social shopping feature called “Consult-a-Friend.” This feature allows consumers to seek advice and feedback from trusted friends while shopping on the Amazon app. The message includes a link to the new experience, where friends can react to the product with emojis, and provide commentary, friends can now play a crucial role in helping customers make purchase decisions.

In this blog post, we will explore how Amazon’s social shopping feature works, its benefits for shoppers, and how it enhances the overall shopping experience. Let’s dive in and discover how you can leverage this exciting new feature for your online shopping needs. But that’s not all – Amazon is also introducing the “Create” feature in its Inspire shopping feed, allowing users to share their favorite products and experiences. Stay tuned to learn more about these amazing updates.

Amazon’s goal with this feature is to assist customers in making informed purchase decisions by leveraging the trust they place in recommendations from friends and family. Amazon’s internal data revealed that customers were already sharing products with their network for feedback using the app’s existing “Share” button on iOS and Android. In the current year, this button was pressed billions of times to share products via messaging services, social media apps, and email, demonstrating the demand for this type of feature.

The Consult-a-Friend feature will further enhance this sharing behavior, especially in categories where early Amazon testing revealed customers’ strong desire for additional feedback. This is particularly relevant when shopping for items such as apparel, shoes, electronics, and furniture. The feature’s launch is well-timed, coinciding with the upcoming holiday shopping season when many customers seek gift ideas and value input from friends and family to ensure the items they’ve found are suitable for mutual friends or relatives.

To activate this feature, Amazon app users will need to enable the “Ask for your friends’ votes” option during their initial use. Following this, they can choose their preferred messaging app to send the link to their selected recipients.


Recipients of the message will encounter a link that redirects them to the Amazon Shopping app, enabling them to access product details and express their reactions with a variety of emojis such as heart eyes, sad face, or thinking face. Additionally, they have the option to provide a written response.

For recipients to provide feedback, they must be logged into their Amazon account via the Amazon Shopping app. Amazon emphasizes that it won’t utilize the feature to gather personal information, such as email addresses, from non-Amazon customers.

Once feedback is received, the sender can access an overview of the combined sentiments shared by their friends and other recipients, along with any accompanying text commentary, all within the Amazon Shopping app.

Starting tomorrow, this feature will roll out in the Amazon app within the United States and across international markets, including Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sweden, Turkey, UAE, and the U.K.

Simultaneously, Amazon is introducing a new “Create” feature to its “Inspire” shopping feed, akin to TikTok. While Inspire primarily showcases content from influencers and brands, “Create” will broaden participation. By clicking on the new Create button located in the upper right corner of Inspire’s Home tab, users can swiftly capture photos or videos of their favorite products, or upload media from their devices, allowing them to tag products and share their experiences.

Once the content undergoes review and obtains approval, it will be featured in Inspire’s public feed. Users can access all their posts and view the number of likes received on their public profile page within the Posts tab. Inspire is accessible on both iOS and Android devices within the U.S.


Is there a fee to use the new social shopping features?

No, there is no fee to use the new social shopping features on Amazon. The Consult-a-Friend feature and the Create feature on the Inspire shopping feed are both free for Amazon app users. You can easily ask for your friends’ votes and receive their feedback without any additional cost. It’s a convenient and cost-effective way to get trusted advice while shopping online. So, start using these exciting new features today and enhance your shopping experience on Amazon without any fees!


Scenario 1: Influencer-Driven Recommendations

In the future, Amazon’s social shopping features could lead to an increased reliance on influencers for product recommendations. As more users embrace the Consult-a-Friend feature, influencers could play a more significant role in influencing purchase decisions. Retailers and brands may partner with influencers to leverage their opinions and build trust among shoppers. This could reshape the marketing landscape, with influencers becoming key players in driving sales and brand awareness.


Scenario 2: Enhanced Customer Engagement and Loyalty

With the introduction of social shopping features like Consult-a-Friend and Create, Amazon is on a path to enhance customer engagement and foster loyalty. As customers involve their friends in the shopping process and share their experiences, a sense of community is created. This engagement can lead to increased brand loyalty as customers feel more connected to the products and recommendations shared within their social circle. Amazon may leverage this engagement to further personalize the shopping experience and build lasting relationships with its customers.


In summary, Amazon’s introduction of social shopping features, including Consult-a-Friend and Create, marks a significant step towards enhancing the online shopping experience. With the ability to seek advice from trusted friends and share experiences, customers can make more confident purchase decisions. These features not only foster a sense of community but also provide a personalized touch to the shopping process. By prioritizing customer satisfaction and convenience, Amazon continues to innovate and redefine the way we shop online. Whether it’s finding the perfect gift or discovering new products, Amazon’s social shopping features add a new level of engagement and enjoyment to the shopping journey.

Do you think the integration of social shopping features like Consult-a-Friend and Create will enhance your overall shopping experience on Amazon? Are you likely to use the Consult-a-Friend feature to seek product advice from your friends? Why or why not? Share your insights below.

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