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Meta Broadens Verification Program Access to Businesses

Meta, the company behind Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, is expanding its verification program to businesses. Previously available only to creators, this program offers a range of benefits, including a badge, better reach, and impersonation protection. By subscribing to Meta Verified, businesses can enhance their online presence and gain more visibility in search results and users’ feeds. While the program is initially being tested on Facebook and Instagram, Meta plans to roll it out to businesses on WhatsApp in the future. Read on to learn more about this exciting opportunity for businesses.

Meta announced today that it’s expanding Meta Verified to businesses, following its initial launch for creators in March. The verification program is currently undergoing testing on Facebook and Instagram, initially in select geographical regions, with plans to extend it to businesses on WhatsApp in the future.

Businesses can subscribe to Meta Verified at a rate of $21.99 per month per Facebook page or Instagram account. Alternatively, they can opt for a combined package at $34.99 per month for both platforms. Pricing details for WhatsApp verification have not been disclosed as of yet.

Similar to the verification process for creators, Meta Verified for Businesses offers several advantages, including a verification badge, increased reach, and protection against impersonation. Notably, Meta is providing the same badge to businesses as it does for creators, with no apparent distinction. However, Meta hasn’t provided specific details regarding potential differences in impersonation protection for this tier.

Meta is enhancing the reach for verified businesses through two key mechanisms: improved placement in search results and recommendations to users in their feeds. For paid business users, Meta ensures that their accounts will prominently appear at or near the top of search results. Additionally, these businesses will feature in a new feed carousel titled “Recommended Meta Verified Businesses.”

Meta Expands Verification Program for Businesses


The company led by Mark Zuckerberg has outlined eligibility criteria for businesses seeking to purchase subscriptions. These criteria encompass verification through phone, email, or domain name, as well as ensuring a minimum level of activity on their Facebook pages or Instagram accounts. Specific details regarding these requirements have not yet been disclosed, with Meta indicating that more information will be shared during the rollout.

Furthermore, Meta is in the process of developing a verification program for businesses using WhatsApp. Although verification testing on the chat app is set to commence in the future, the company has provided a glimpse of its features. The paid tier will grant businesses the ability to create a customized, searchable WhatsApp-based web page. Verification will also unlock multi-device support for up to 10 devices, facilitating efficient handling of customer queries and orders by multiple team members.



WhatsApp has already introduced these features to businesses through WhatsApp Premium, which underwent testing with a select group of businesses in specific regions last year. Meta has indicated its intent to expand the feature set for WhatsApp verification upon its official launch. Additionally, Meta plans to unveil the roadmap for existing WhatsApp Premium customers in conjunction with the launch.

The rollout of Meta Verified for Business is slated to commence in select markets within the next few weeks. Unfortunately, there is currently no specific release date available for the verification feature on WhatsApp for businesses.

When Meta initially introduced its verification project for individuals earlier this year, the subscription fee was set higher than X’s (formerly Twitter) $8 per month paid subscription. In contrast, X’s business verification service is currently priced at $1,000 per month for a base subscription, with an additional $50 per month for each associated account. This stark contrast makes Meta Verified a considerably more attractive option for smaller organizations.

However, on Tuesday, The Information reported that some individual subscribers to the Meta Verified plan expressed dissatisfaction as they encountered difficulties in accessing the human support that had been promised as part of the subscription.


Scenario 1: Enhanced Online Visibility and Competitive Edge

In this scenario, the expansion of Meta Verified to businesses proves to be a game-changer. Businesses, large and small, eagerly adopt the program, leveraging its benefits to gain a competitive edge in the digital landscape. As more businesses subscribe to Meta Verified, they enjoy better reach and prominence in search results and users’ feeds. The verification badge not only enhances their online presence but also boosts user trust, leading to increased engagement and conversions.

Meta’s move to offer the same badge to businesses as creators fosters a sense of equality, encouraging businesses to invest in the program. Enhanced visibility, coupled with impersonation protection, safeguards businesses against fraudulent activities and brand damage. Over time, businesses realize the value of this investment as their online reputation flourishes.

Outcome: The industry witnesses a surge in businesses embracing Meta Verified, resulting in a more competitive online marketplace. Businesses that leverage the program effectively see a notable increase in their digital presence, customer engagement, and ultimately, revenue. Meta’s expansion strategy is applauded for democratizing the verification process and empowering businesses to thrive in the digital age.


Scenario 2: Initial Skepticism and Challenges

In this scenario, the rollout of Meta Verified to businesses faces skepticism and initial challenges. Businesses, cautious about subscription costs and unclear eligibility criteria, hesitate to adopt the program. The lack of transparency regarding pricing for WhatsApp verification adds to the uncertainty, causing some businesses to delay their decision.

Additionally, the reported issues of dissatisfaction among individual subscribers raise concerns about Meta’s ability to provide effective customer support. This leads to doubts about the company’s preparedness to handle the influx of business subscribers.

Outcome: The adoption of Meta Verified among businesses is slow, with many opting to wait for more clarity on pricing and eligibility. Skepticism about the program’s benefits lingers, hampering its initial success. Meta faces criticism for not addressing customer support issues promptly, potentially tarnishing its reputation. However, this setback prompts Meta to reevaluate and improve its program, addressing the concerns raised by potential subscribers.


In conclusion, Meta’s expansion of the Meta Verified program to businesses is an exciting development for business owners looking to gain credibility and reach on Facebook, Instagram, and eventually WhatsApp. With a subscription fee that is much more affordable than other verification offerings in the market, Meta Verified provides a viable option for smaller organizations.

It’s important to note that while the program offers several benefits, there have been some concerns raised by individual subscribers regarding the accessibility of human support. As Meta continues to refine and improve the program, it is hoped that these issues will be addressed, ensuring a positive experience for all verified businesses. Overall, Meta Verified for Business has the potential to greatly benefit business owners, helping them establish a stronger online presence and connect with their target audience more effectively.

Are you currently considering applying for Meta Verified for your business? What factors are influencing your decision? How important is the availability of reliable customer support in your decision to sign up for a verification program like Meta Verified? Share your insights below.

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