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Klarna Unveils Innovative Suite of Features, Showcasing AI-Powered Image-Search Tool

Klarna, a leading global payments provider, is revolutionizing the shopping experience with its latest suite of new features. From an AI-powered image-search tool called Shopping lens to shoppable videos and in-store product scanning, Klarna is empowering merchants to offer their customers a more efficient checkout experience. In this blog post, we will explore these exciting new features and discuss how they can benefit businesses and enhance the overall shopping experience. Read on to learn more about Klarna’s latest innovations and how they are changing the game for merchants and customers alike.


Klarna is set to revolutionize your shopping experience with a range of exciting new features. The company has just unveiled its latest innovations, such as the AI-powered image-search tool known as the Shopping Lens. Additionally, Klarna is rolling out shoppable videos across Europe, introducing in-store product scanning, launching a fresh cashback program, and offering the convenience of express refunds, among other exciting developments.

Introducing the all-new Shopping Lens, a powerful tool that empowers users to capture images of items and styles they come across, effortlessly pinpointing where to make the purchase. This feature boasts the ability to visually recognize an extensive catalog of over 10 million items, spanning clothing to electronics, expertly matching them with a selection of more than 50 million store offers within the app’s comprehensive search and comparison tool.

Here, you can seamlessly compare prices from various retailers, delve into insightful reviews, and even explore product alternatives closely related to your image-captured selection. The Shopping Lens is currently available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, delivering unparalleled convenience and an enhanced shopping experience.

Expanding its horizons, Klarna’s shoppable videos, initially launched in the United States in October 2022, have now crossed borders and are accessible to users in the United Kingdom, Germany, and Sweden. This strategic move signifies Klarna’s transition from being just a payments app to evolving into a comprehensive platform where consumers seamlessly explore items and influencers effectively endorse products.

The app’s recommendation engine further elevates the user experience by tailoring videos to individual preferences. Notably, since the introduction of shoppable videos, Klarna has observed a significant surge in viewer engagement, with an impressive 60% increase in average viewer time in the United States and a substantial 25% boost in click-through rates, reinforcing the positive impact of this innovative feature.


Furthermore, Klarna is rolling out an innovative feature that empowers users to access comprehensive product details while shopping in physical stores. By simply scanning the item’s barcode, customers can gain valuable insights, including customer reviews, discover potential variations in colors or models available online, and even explore the possibility of finding the product at a more budget-friendly price elsewhere.

This convenient in-store scanning feature is currently accessible in the United Kingdom, the United States, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, and Norway, enhancing the shopping experience and providing users with the information they need at their fingertips.

Regarding the exciting new cashback program, shoppers in the U.K. can now enjoy the opportunity to earn a remarkable cashback of up to 10% of their total purchase amount. This can be achieved simply by selecting from the Pay Now, Pay in 3, or Pay Later options at the checkout of participating retailers offering active cashback offers.

Users can conveniently apply their earned cashback as a discount on their subsequent purchase, whether they’re checking out with Klarna online or through the app. Klarna has ambitious plans to introduce the cashback program to additional markets in the near future, extending these fantastic benefits to even more customers worldwide.

Klarna has taken convenience to the next level by introducing a unified sign-in solution. This innovative feature promises a seamless sign-in and checkout experience at participating retailers, eliminating the need for users to manage multiple usernames and passwords. Klarna extends this user-friendly experience to retailers worldwide, offering a hassle-free way for customers to access and complete their transactions effortlessly.

This exciting suite of features encompasses a gift card store within the Klarna app, offering users a diverse array of gift card options from various retailers. These gift cards can be conveniently purchased using Klarna, adding an extra layer of flexibility to the shopping experience. Additionally, Klarna is introducing express refunds for eligible returns on purchases made through Klarna’s interest-free Pay in 3 (in the U.K.) or Pay in 4 (in the U.S.) options. With this new service, Klarna will promptly issue a refund once customers provide a valid tracking number, simplifying and expediting the refund process for enhanced user satisfaction.

Finally, Klarna is introducing a set of sustainability filters designed to assist shoppers in making more mindful and eco-conscious purchasing decisions. Alongside this, a dedicated conscious shopping dashboard will grant customers access to a curated selection of sustainability-oriented products, further reinforcing Klarna’s commitment to promoting environmentally responsible shopping practices.

What safety measures has Klarna implemented to protect customers’ data when using AI image-search?

Klarna takes the security and privacy of its customers’ data seriously, and when implementing AI image search, they have put in place several safety measures to safeguard this information:

Data Encryption: Klarna employs robust encryption techniques to protect data during transmission and storage. This ensures that any data shared during the AI image search process is securely encrypted and cannot be intercepted.

User Consent: Klarna follows best practices in obtaining user consent before collecting and processing any data. Users are informed about the data usage and must give explicit consent to proceed with the AI image search.

Anonymization: Klarna may anonymize data to prevent the identification of specific users. This additional layer of protection ensures that even if data is accessed, it cannot be linked back to individual customers.

Secure Storage: Data collected during AI image search is stored in secure, monitored environments with access controls. This minimizes the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches.

Regular Security Audits: Klarna conducts regular security audits and assessments to identify and rectify any vulnerabilities in their systems. This proactive approach helps in maintaining a robust security posture.

Compliance with Data Protection Regulations: Klarna adheres to relevant data protection regulations and standards, such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), to ensure that customer data is handled in a compliant and secure manner.

Data Retention Policies: Klarna follows strict data retention policies, ensuring that data is not stored longer than necessary for the AI image search process.

These safety measures collectively work to protect customer data during AI image search, maintaining a high level of security and privacy throughout the process.


In conclusion, Klarna’s innovative suite of features has transformed the way we shop and interact with retailers. From the AI-powered image-search tool, Shopping Lens, to the introduction of shoppable videos, in-store product scanning, and a new cashback program, Klarna is consistently pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable in the world of e-commerce.

These features not only enhance the shopping experience for customers, but they also equip merchants with valuable tools to boost engagement and drive sales. With Klarna’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and conscious shopping, they not only provide a seamless checkout experience but also empower customers to make more informed and conscientious purchasing decisions. If you’re seeking to offer a more efficient and engaging shopping experience, Klarna should be at the top of your list.

Have you tried using Klarna’s Shopping Lens? If so, how has it changed your shopping experience? How do you see the new cashback program benefiting both shoppers and retailers? Would you consider using this feature for your purchases? Are there any additional features or improvements you’d like to see from Klarna to enhance your shopping experience further? Share your insights below.

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